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Private English Lessons

bijles, priveles, engels, lezen, schrijven, luisteren, IELTS

Are you tired of trying to understand all the verb tenses? Is it difficult to keep up with all the grammatical aspects and you don’t know if it is ‘should, would or could’ anymore? Do you understand what you are reading but you do not know how to search for answers? Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself when you have to write a letter or are you at a loss for words when having a conversation?

Your worries end here. I can help you make sense of English grammar in a simple and understandable way. I can also help you with the reading of texts and answering the questions. My simple method in learning how to write a formal or informal letter takes the stress out of exams and tests. As the lessons are taught in English, your conversation skill improves and your vocabulary increases.

My motivation in helping students is that I would like to teach them something in such a way that when they leave after the lesson they can say that they have learned something which they didn’t know before. With this positive attitude, the sky’s the limit.

After a consultation it will be decided how many lessons you need. The time for the lessons are also decided to fit your timetable.

Maybe you need to prepare for the IELTS examination or for the LPE. I can help you with all parts of the exams – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

During the lessons the problem is addressed and explained. We do some exercises together and then you can try them on your own. The ultimate test is when you have to do a few exercises at home to ensure that you have understood. You are not expected to understand everything at once so we continue until you understand.

Lessons are one-on-one. The advantages are that you can learn at your own pace. We only deal with those aspects with which you have a problem. You are free to ask as many questions as you wish.

This also helps you gain confidence and lose your fear of failing.

I supply all the material you need.

It is also possible to have lessons with a friend or sibling if you don’t want to come alone.

Prices 2022/2023

1 student 1 hour lesson Euro 35,-
2 students 1 hour lesson Euro 65,-

1 student 1.5 hour lesson Euro 45,-
2 students 1.5 hour lesson Euro 85,-

1 student 2 hour lesson Euro 60,-
2 students 2 hour lesson Euro 115,-